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The instructional resources on this page are for states using the Instructionally Embedded model.

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English Language Arts

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  • About Familiar Texts

    DLM Familiar Texts are an important part of DLM Alternate Assessments in English language arts (ELA). The DLM Familiar Texts are used in all testlets that assess Essential Elements in reading at the Initial Precursor linkage level and in some testlets at other linkage levels. Students are expected to interact with and learn about the texts during ongoing instruction before they encounter them in the assessment. The topics of many DLM Familiar Texts are drawn from texts that are often used in general education. Information about the source books that informed the Familiar Texts can be found in the Dynamic Learning Maps ELA Source Books (pdf) document.

    Accessing DLM Familiar Texts

    DLM Familiar Texts can be accessed through the Tar Heel Reader website. Lists of DLM Familiar Texts used in DLM ELA assessments can be accessed following the links below. With each grade level list, you will also find important documents called About Grade Level Texts. These documents provide information about how each DLM Familiar Text connects to DLM Essential Elements and linkage levels.

    About Tar Heel Reader

    The DLM Familiar Texts were developed using DLM text development guidelines adopted by DLM states. They are delivered through Tar Heel Reader because it offers a fully accessible, open-source solution. However, there are more than 70,000 books in the Tar Heel Reader library. Most of the books were written by teachers, students, parents, and others from all over the world. Not all of the books will be appropriate for all students. Therefore, students should NOT be sent independently to the Tar Heel Reader site. Teachers can avoid books that they might find offensive by limiting their search to books that are “Reviewed Only” and “Rated E/Everybody” while avoiding books with a CAUTION label.

    You can learn more about accessibility features of Tar Heel Reader on the help page.

    Using DLM Familiar Texts

    DLM Familiar Texts are provided for use during shared reading instruction. During shared reading instruction, adults work to maximize student engagement and interaction, while asking very few direct questions. This is especially important for students who are completing DLM testlets at the Initial Precursor linkage level. These students struggle with engagement and communication. You will find example Familiar Text Lessons for use with students working at the Initial Precursor link level in the grade level resources linked below. You can learn about using these lessons by viewing this video: DLM Familiar Text Lessons

    You can learn more about shared reading by completing these DLM Professional Development modules:
    Shared Reading Online Self-directed Module 
    Shared Reading Facilitated Module Materials for Groups

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