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2022-23 Testing Windows
Instructionally Embedded: 9/12/22–2/22/23
Spring: 3/13/23–4/28/23

Testing Subject

Chelsea CharlandAssessment
Asaad Fulton, Special Education

Office of the State Superintendent of Education


Resource Category
Content Area

Accessibility Manual for Science (pdf) 07/01/2022
provides guidance on the selection and use of accessibility features

Assessment Coordinator Manual for Science (pdf) 07/01/2022
supports district and building staff to prepare for and monitor assessments

Blueprint Science Phase I with Biology -- DE, DC, and MD Only (pdf) 08/18/2020
range of science Essential Elements (EEs) assessed, including High School Biology, for Science

Currently Tested Essential Elements for Science
lists of PDFs for each Science Essential Element available for assessment. These PDFs provide the nodes at each linkage level and a mini-map showing the pathways between the nodes

Data Management Manual (pdf) 08/10/2022
supports data managers with managing user, student, and roster data in Educator Portal

Development of DLM Essential Elements for Science (pdf)
a short description of how Essential Elements in Science were developed

District Staff Video Resources for Science-Only Statesvideo
resources designed for district users, including Educator Portal how-to videos and role-specific training videos

Educator Portal User Guide (pdf) 08/26/2022
provides guidance and support for users navigating Educator Portal

Educator Resource Videos for Science-Only Statesvideo
videos providing information about assessment format, accessibility, and Kite Educator Portal procedures

Enrollment Upload Template (csv)
template used to enroll multiple students at once in Educator Portal

Facilitator Guide to DLM Required Test Administrator Training for Year-End Model States (pdf) 07/15/2022
supports facilitators in accessing DLM required test administration training and support resources

Guide to DLM Required Test Administrator Training for Year-End Model States (pdf) 07/15/2022
helps users access DLM required test administration training

Guide to Practice Activities and Released Testlets (pdf) 08/02/2022
familiarizes educators and students with testlets and Student Portal

Required Test Administrator Training

2022-23 required training for teachers administering the DLM assessment opens on your state's scheduled training date. The Guide to DLM Required Test Administrator Training (pdf) is a great place to start, with information about accessing the DLM training site for your first login.