Welcome to the ‘Pennsylvania DLM’ home page!

All 2020-21 PASA training, enrollment, and test administration will be completed through the DLM website.
PASA Assessment Coordinators and assessors are required to complete the ‘Getting to Know DLM’ modules as a first step to becoming familiar with the new assessment and online system.
The ‘Getting to Know DLM’ training modules can be accessed under the ‘Supplemental Resources’ link below
Prior to viewing the ‘Getting to Know DLM’ training modules, you must register at PaTTAN Calendar.
It is recommended that these trainings are viewed prior to participation in the annual test administration training or enrollment activities.

Manuals and Blueprints

Accessibility Manual (pdf)  ADA Compliant 7/1/2020
provides guidance on the selection and use of accessibility features

Assessment Coordinator Manual (pdf) ADA Compliant 01/13/2021
supports district and building staff to prepare for and monitor assessments

Blueprint ELA (pdf) 08/06/2020
pool of available Essential Elements and the requirements for coverage within each conceptual area

Blueprint Math (pdf) 08/10/2020
pool of available Essential Elements in Mathematics

Blueprint Science (pdf) 08/18/2020
pool of available preliminary Essential Elements for Science

Data Management Manual (pdf) 7/31/2020
supports data managers with managing user, student, and roster data in Educator Portal

Educator Portal User Guide (pdf) 08/05/2020
provides guidance and support for users navigating Educator Portal

Guide to DLM Required Test Administrator Training (pdf) 7/15/2020
helps users access DLM required test administration training

Guide to Practice Activities and Released Testlets (pdf) 08/13/2020
familiarizes educators and students with testlets and Student Portal

Technology Specifications Manual (pdf) 7/20/2020
supports technology personnel in preparing schools for the technology needs of the DLM assessment

Test Administration Manual (pdf) ADA Compliant 7/23/2020
supports Test Administrators in preparing themselves and students for the DLM assessment

Resources for Educators and District Staff

District Staff Training Resources 
resources designed for district users, including Educator Portal how-to videos and role-specific training videos

Educator Resource Page for English Language Arts and Mathematics
resources and job aids to support test administrators

Educator Resource Page for Science
resources to support administrators testing in Science

Educator Resource Videos 
videos provide information about assessment format, accessibility, and Educator Portal procedures


Enrollment Upload Template (csv)
template used to enroll multiple students into Educator Portal

Parent Notification Letter (doc) 
notification letter for districts testing in mathematics, English language arts, and science

Parent Notification Letter en Español (doc) 
carta de notificación para los distritos examinándose en Matemáticas, Artes del Idioma Inglés, y Ciencia

Roster Upload Template (csv)
template used to roster students to content areas and test administrators in Educator Portal

State Organizational Table PA (xlsx) 12/14/2020
names and numbers of schools and districts in Pennsylvania

TEC (Test, Exit, Clear) Upload Template (csv)
template used to batch remove students from Educator Portal

User Upload Template (csv)
template used to upload multiple users into Educator Portal

Scoring & Reporting

Dynamic Learning Maps Score Reports

What do the DLM Alternate Assessments Measure?

Video Transcript (pdf)

What is Skill Mastery?

Video Transcript (pdf)

What Information is Contained in a Score Report?

Video Transcript (pdf)

How Can Score Reports Be Used?

Video Transcript (pdf)

Parent Interpretive Guide (pdf)
information about DLM assessment results and individual student reports

Parent Interpretive Guide en Español (pdf) 
información sobre los resultados de las evaluaciones DLM y los informes individuales de estudiantes

Talking to Parents about DLM Score Reports (pdf)
formerly called the Teacher Interpretive Guide, this document helps teachers when talking to parents about DLM student reports

Supplemental Resources

FAQ Document 11/2/2020