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2023-24 Testing Windows
Instructionally Embedded: 9/11/23–2/23/24
Spring: 3/11/24–5/3/24

Testing Subjects
English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science

Lisa Hampe, Bureau of Special Education Advisor
Lynda Lupp, Statewide Special Education Assessment Coordinator

Pennsylvania Bureau of Special Education
Pennsylvania Alternate Assessment Help Desk

Additional Information
See the 2023-2024 PASA DLM Instruction and Assessment Calendar for all required training, assessment activities and due dates for PASA Assessment Coordinators and Test Administrators.

New for 2023-2024, all PASA Assessment Coordinators must complete Required Test Administrator Training (RTAT). If PASA Assessment Coordinators voluntarily completed RTAT last year, they must only participate in the Returning Course (refresher). All PASA Assessment Coordinators who are new or did not previously take RTAT must participate in the New Course (comprehensive).

For the 2023-2024 school year, new security measures required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) for creating passwords will be implemented. Returning users must click on “Forgot Password” and change it to meet specifications. New and returning users must create a password that meets the following requirements:

  • Must be at least 12 characters in length.
  • Must use three of following four character sets: upper-case letters, lower-case letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Cannot be among the last 24 passwords user created.

*Passwords will expire every 60 days, rather than the current 180 days.

PASA DLM Assessment Coordinator Data Management Training Modules – 2023-24
Choose one of the following required training formats:

  • Full Data Management Training: appropriate for new AC/DTC or those not proficient in Kite Educator Portal (asynchronous)
  • Refresher Data Management Training: appropriate for experienced AC/DTC who are proficient in Kite Educator Portal (asynchronous)
  • Hands-On Data Management Training: appropriate for the AC/DTC who would like support to ensure all enrollment steps are complete and accurate (in person)
    • AC/DTC must register at PaTTAN Event Calendar
    • Nov. 7 at PaTTAN West
    • Nov. 13 at PaTTAN East
    • Nov. 14 at PaTTAN Central

Proof of completed training is required through completion of survey link within the asynchronous training slides or attendance at in person session.


Resource Category
Content Area

DLM Score Report Videos for Year-End Statesvideo
collection of videos to detailing DLM score report content and use

DLM Training for District Roles 08/01/2023
includes short, interactive lessons for assessment coordinators, data managers, technology managers, and district and building administrators, as well as general lessons regarding DLM vocabulary and what’s new for the current school year

DLM Writing Testlets Overview
training video designed to provide test administrators with specific information about DLM writing testlets

Educator Portal User Guide (pdf) 08/24/2023
provides guidance and support for users navigating Educator Portal

Educator Resource Videos for Year-End Model Statesvideo
videos providing information about assessment format, accessibility, and Kite Educator Portal procedures

Facilitator Guide to DLM Required Test Administrator Training for Year-End Model States (pdf) 08/01/2023
supports facilitators in accessing DLM required test administration training and support resources

Guide to DLM Required Test Administrator Training for Year-End Model States (pdf) 08/01/2023
helps users access DLM required test administration training

Guide to Practice Activities and Released Testlets (pdf) 08/01/2023
familiarizes educators and students with testlets and Student Portal

Materials Collections for English Language Arts for Year-End States
list of materials commonly needed in ELA testlets

Materials Collections for Mathematics for Year-End Model States
list of materials commonly needed in Mathematics testlets