Our Staff

The dedicated Dynamic Learning Maps® (DLM®) project staff believes all students can learn and should be given opportunities to demonstrate what they know and can do. Get to know more about our leadership team and key staff members who work hard to promote learning and improved outcomes for all students.

Project Leadership

  • Meagan Karvonen

    Meagan Karvonen

    Director of ATLAS
  • Russell Swinburne Romine

    Russell Swinburne Romine

    Associate Director of ATLAS
  • Karen Erickson

    Karen Erickson

    Associate Director of Professional Development
  • Neal Kingston

    Neal Kingston

    Senior Advisor
  • Sue Bechard

    Sue Bechard

    Senior Advisor
  • Michael Muenks

    Michael Muenks

    Associate Director of Implementation
  • Amy Clark

    Amy Clark

    Associate Director of Operational Research
  • Brooke Nash

    Brooke Nash

    Associate Director of Psychometrics

Key Staff

  • Alicia Cuttle

    Alicia Cuttle

    Project Manager
  • Tammy Mayer

    Tammy Mayer

    Project Manager
  • Christa Reida

    Christa Reida

    Project Manager Lead
  • Jonathan Schuster

    Jonathan Schuster

    ELA Research Lead
  • Ronda Layman

    Ronda Layman

    Project Manager
  • Aletra Johnson

    Aletra Johnson

    Project Manager
  • Nancy Keating

    Nancy Keating

    Project Manager
  • Alson Cole

    Alson Cole

    Project Manager
  • Susan LeFeber

    Susan LeFeber

    Project Manager