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The instructional resources on this page are for states using the Year-End model.

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English Language Arts

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  • Anchor-Read-Apply

    DLM presents an instructional resource called "Anchor-Read-Apply" which assists in teaching students to comprehend text through listening or reading. Three learning modules here will help you learn to use the Anchor-Read-Apply resource, and additional documents (grade-level Anchor-Read-Apply Lesson Supports) offer specific lesson ideas linked to each of the DLM Essential Elements in Reading Literature and Reading Information Text.

    Accessing DLM Familiar Texts

    Familiar texts used in DLM assessments are shared through Tar Heel Reader. Tar Heel Reader is a library of open-source, accessible, texts for individuals with disabilities of all ages. This page links directly to books used in DLM English language arts assessments. Find books by selecting Grade and Title. The link will take you to the book in Tar Heel Reader. Tar Heel Reader has been designed to allow students to use a variety of alternative access methods. More information about accessing Tar Heel Reader is available on its website. When you are on the title page of a book in Tar Heel Reader, you may click the settings icon at the top right of the screen to download PowerPoint or EPUB versions of the books.

    The links on this page go directly to books used in DLM assessments. Familiar texts are used in all Initial Precursor level testlets and in some other linkage levels for some Essential Elements. These books have been developed using DLM text development guidelines adopted by DLM states; however, please note that Tar Heel Reader is a large, open-source library of books. Books are contributed to the site by teachers, students, parents, and others from all over the world. There are books on the site that are inappropriate for some audiences. Reviewers do their best to make sure these books are marked with the CAUTION. As a result, students should NOT be sent independently to the Tar Heel Reader site. Teachers can avoid books that they might find offensive by limiting their search to books that are “Reviewed Only” and “Rated E/Everybody.”

    Information about DLM source books can be found in the Dynamic Learning Maps ELA Source Books (pdf) document.

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