Grade 3 Familiar Texts for Year-End Model States

DLM presents an instructional resource called "Anchor-Read-Apply" which assists in teaching students to comprehend text through listening or reading. Three learning modules here will help you learn to use the Anchor-Read-Apply resource, and additional documents (grade-level Anchor-Read-Apply Lesson Supports) offer specific lesson ideas linked to each of the DLM Essential Elements in Reading Literature and Reading Information Text.

More Information about DLM source books can be found in the Dynamic Learning Maps ELA Source Books (pdf).

About Grade 3 Familiar Texts (pdf)

Henry and Mudge

Friends Forever
Henry and Mudge Go Camping
Henry and Mudge Go to School
Mudge Goes to Dog School
Ready for School
The New Puppy

Informational Texts
Building a Snowman
Dogs Are Best
Exercising Your Dog
Fun Dogs
Lots of Dogs
So Many Kinds of Dogs
Taking Care of a Dog
Tree Houses
My Father's Dragon

Elmer Meets the Cat
Elmer Packs a Bag
The Baby Dragon

Informational Texts

A Field Trip on a Boat
At the Beach
Different Ways to Travel
School Gardens
Taking a Trip
What Do Cats Do?
What Do Cats Like?

Ramona Quimby, Age 8

Drop Everything and Read
Mary Buys School Supplies
Max and Ava at Lunch
Ramona and the Egg
Ramona and the Parade
Ramona and the Rainy Day
Ramona and Willa Jean
Ramona Gets Ready for School
Ramona Goes to Bed
Ramona's First Day of School
Ramona's Letters
Ramona's New Sister
The Extra Nice Day

Informational Texts
Cleaning the House
Fun on the Bus
Playing Baseball at Recess
Riding on a Bus
Selling and Buying