Grade 4 Familiar Texts for Instructionally Embedded Model States

DLM Familiar Texts are provided for use during shared reading instruction. During shared reading instruction, adults work to maximize student engagement and interaction, while asking very few direct questions. This is especially important for students who are completing DLM testlets at the Initial Precursor linkage level. These students struggle with engagement and communication. As such, adults have to work to recruit and sustain student interest and engagement while teaching them to communicate using gestures, images in the book, and objects. Shared reading interactions can also help students learn to respond to simple yes/no questions using a gesture or movement (e.g., head shake/nod, looking up/down, hand up/down).

You can learn more about shared reading by completing these DLM Professional Development modules:
Shared Reading Online Self-directed Module
Shared Reading Facilitated Module Materials for Groups

Or the modules and supports provided by our partners at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill at

About Grade 4 Familiar Texts (pdf)

Texts with an asterisk (*) contain material that some students may find sensitive.

The Birchbark House

Learning From Family
Omakayas and Andeg
Omakayas the Helper

Informational Texts
All About Bears
Growing and Gathering
Helping Others
The Woods
Trade Goods

Bud, Not Buddy

Bud and the Boys
Bud Leaves*
Bud Packs a Suitcase*
Searching for Herman*
The Soup Kitchen*

Informational Texts
All Aboard
Riding a Train
What Trains Carry

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

A Boy Named Fudge
A Day at the Park
Fudge Goes to the Dentist
Fudge is Funny
Fudge is on TV
Fudge's Birthday
Fudge Will Not Eat*
Fudge's New Shoes
Peter and Fudge
Peter Wins a Prize
Sheila Babysits Fudge
Taking Care of Dribble
The School Project

Informational Texts
Birthday Parties
Fashion Designers
Fun at the Park
House Guests
Paper Airplanes
Taking Care of Your Teeth