Grades 9-10 Familiar Texts for Instructionally Embedded Model States

DLM presents an instructional resource called "Anchor-Read-Apply" which assists in teaching students to comprehend text through listening or reading. Three learning modules here will help you learn to use the Anchor-Read-Apply resource, and additional documents (grade-level Anchor-Read-Apply Lesson Supports) offer specific lesson ideas linked to each of the DLM Essential Elements in Reading Literature and Reading Information Text.

Information about DLM source books can be found in the Dynamic Learning Maps ELA Source Books (pdf) document.

About Grades 9-10 Familiar Texts (pdf)

Texts with an asterisk (*) contain material that some students may find sensitive.

All Creatures Great and Small

Getting Ready for College
James Helps the Cow

Informational Texts
A Day at School
A Day on the Farm
Winter Time

To Kill a Mockingbird

Dad Loved the Farm
Farm Life, City Life
Missing the Old Farm

Informational Texts
Every Day is Different
Friends are Great

The Miracle Worker


Annie Goes to Alabama
Being Nice at Dinner*
Helen and Annie*
Helen Keller*
The Kind Teacher*

Informational Texts
At the Theater
Table Manners
Using Manners
Using Water
What Teachers Do