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Instructionally Embedded

2022-23 Testing Windows
Fall: 9/12/22–12/16/22
Spring: 2/6/23–5/19/23

Testing Subjects
English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science

Shaun Bates, Missouri Assessment Program Manager
Caryn Giarratano, Assistant Director of Assessment (MAP-A)

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Missouri Assessment Program Alternate Assessment (MAP-A)


Resource Category
Content Area

MAP-A User Translation Guide (xlsx) 07/22/2022
This spreadsheet provides guidance to the user on how to complete the DLM CSV user template to upload teachers and other Educator Portal users.

Materials Collections for Mathematics for Instructionally Embedded Model States
list of materials commonly needed in Mathematics testlets

Materials Collections for Science
list of materials commonly needed in Science testlets

Parent Interpretive Guide for Instructionally Embedded Model States (pdf)
information about DLM assessment results and individual student reports

Parent Interpretive Guide (en Español) for Instructionally Embedded Model States (pdf)
información sobre los resultados de las evaluaciones DLM y los informes individuales de estudiantes

Missouri - Parent Notification Letter (pdf)
notification letter for districts testing in Mathematics, English Language Arts, and Science

The Dynamic Learning Maps® (DLM®) Alternate Assessment Consortium supports educators with professional development modules. Learn more at DLM's professional development site, hosted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Link to DLM professional development modules.

Professional Development Modules Supporting Essential Elements (xlsx)
these tables (one tab each for Mathematics and ELA) cross-reference specific professional development modules to Essential Elements. This gives teachers the ability to further enhance instruction on specific Essential Elements

Roster Upload Template (csv) 07/29/2022
template used to roster students to content areas and test administrators in Educator Portal

Sample Testlet Information Pages and Released Testlets in English Language Arts
resources providing test administrators with information specific to ELA testlets

Required Test Administrator Training

Training for teachers participating in 2021-22 DLM testing will become available according to your state's scheduled training date. The Guide to DLM Required Test Administrator Training (pdf) is a great place to start, with information about accessing the training website for the first time.