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2021-22 Testing Windows
Instructionally Embedded: 1/3/22–2/23/22
Spring: 3/16/22–5/4/22

Testing Subjects
English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science

Pam Hartwig, Assessment
Laura Quimby, Special Education

Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)

There is not a process for remote administration for the DLM assessment. Administration is to only take place in person.

Beginning January 4, 2022, DTC’s may update user information and create rosters.


Resource Category
Content Area

Parent Notification Letter (en Español) for Year-End Model States (docx)
carta de notificación para los distritos examinándose en Matemáticas, Artes del Idioma Inglés, y Ciencia
[notification letter for districts testing in Mathematics, English Language Arts, and Science]

The Dynamic Learning Maps® (DLM®) Alternate Assessment Consortium supports educators with professional development modules. Learn more at DLM's professional development site, hosted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Link to DLM professional development modules.

Professional Development Modules Supporting Essential Elements (xlsx)
these tables (one tab each for Mathematics and ELA) cross-reference specific professional development modules to Essential Elements. This gives teachers the ability to further enhance instruction on specific Essential Elements

Roster Upload Template (csv)
template used to roster students to content areas and test administrators in Educator Portal

Sample Testlet Information Pages and Released Testlets in English Language Arts
resources providing test administrators with information specific to ELA testlets

Sample Testlet Information Pages and Released Testlets in Mathematics
resources providing test administrators with information specific to Mathematics testlets

Sample Testlet Information Pages and Released Testlets in Science
resources providing test administrators with information specific to Science testlets

Science Instructional Activities
instructional activities to support teachers using DLM Science Essential Elements during instruction

State Organizational Table for Illinois (xlsx) 01/11/2022
names and numbers of schools and districts in Illinois

Student Score Report Spanish Translation Templates for Year-End Model States (all templates as docx files) 09/02/2021

ADA compliant versions of Spanish translation documents are under development.

Talking to Parents about DLM Score Reports for Year-End Model (pdf)
formerly called the Teacher Interpretive Guide, this document helps teachers when talking to parents about DLM student reports

Technology Specifications Manual (pdf) ADA Compliant 07/15/2021
supports technology personnel in preparing schools for the technology needs of the DLM assessment

TEC (Test, Exit, Clear) Upload Template (csv)
template used to batch remove students from Educator Portal

Test Administration Manual (pdf) ADA Compliant 10/01/2021
supports Test Administrators in preparing themselves and students for the DLM assessment

User Upload Template (csv)
template used to upload multiple users into Educator Portal

Required Test Administrator Training

2021-22 required training for teachers administering the DLM assessment opens on your state's scheduled training date. The Guide to DLM Required Test Administrator Training (pdf) is a great place to start, with information about accessing the DLM training site for your first login.