New York

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2023-24 Testing Windows
Instructionally Embedded: 9/11/23–2/23/24
Spring: 3/11/24–6/7/24

Testing Subjects
English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science

New York State Education Department
Office of State Assessment and
Office of Special Education
89 Washington Avenue
Albany, New York 12234

Additional Information
For questions pertaining to test administration, testing accommodations (note spelling), and policy issues please choose from the following options:

For questions pertaining to data, please send an email to


Resource Category
Content Area

State Organizational Table for New York (xlsx) 11/20/2023
names and numbers of schools and districts in New York

Technology Specifications Manual (pdf) 07/21/2023
supports technology personnel in preparing schools for the technology needs of the DLM assessment

TEC (Test, Exit, Clear) Upload Template (csv)
template used to batch remove students from Educator Portal

Test Administration Manual (pdf) 08/08/2023
supports Test Administrators in preparing themselves and students for the DLM assessment

User Upload Template (csv)
template used to upload multiple users into Educator Portal

Using Mini-Maps to Plan Instruction (pdf)
PDF containing information on how to use mini-maps to plan instruction

Keywords for search: mini map mini-map mini-maps minimap minimaps

Required Test Administrator Training

The 2023-2024 training will become available via the Training tab in Educator Portal according to your state's scheduled training date. Refer to the Guide to DLM Required Test Administrator Training for instructions on accessing and completing the training. Facilitators should refer to the Facilitator Guide to DLM Required Test Administrator Training.