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Instructionally Embedded

2021-22 Testing Windows
Fall: 9/13–12/17
Spring: 2/07–4/29

Testing Subjects
English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science

Julie Ewing, Assessment
Cary Rogers, Special Education

Kansas Department of Education


Resource Category
Content Area

DLM Familiar Texts for English Language Arts
resources and source books to assist in teaching students to comprehend text through listening or reading

DLM Score Report Videos for Instructionally Embedded Statesvideo
collection of videos detailing DLM score report content and use

DLM Writing Testlets Overview
training video designed to provide test administrators with specific information about DLM writing testlets

Educator Portal User Guide (pdf) ADA Compliant 08/05/2021
provides guidance and support for users navigating Educator Portal

Educator Resource Videos for Instructionally Embedded Statesvideo
videos providing information about assessment format, accessibility, and Kite Educator Portal procedures

Enrollment Upload Template (csv)
template used to enroll multiple students at once in Educator Portal

Kansas ELA and Mathematics Essential Elements Blueprint/Selection Record (pdf) ADA Compliant 08/09/2021
pool of available ELA and mathematics Essential Elements and the requirements for coverage within each conceptual area

Facilitator Guide to DLM Required Test Administrator Training for Instructionally Embedded Model (pdf) ADA Compliant 07/15/2021
supports facilitators in accessing DLM required test administration training and support resources

Required Test Administrator Training

Training for teachers participating in 2021-22 DLM testing will become available according to your state's scheduled training date. The Guide to DLM Required Test Administrator Training (pdf) is a great place to start, with information about accessing the training website for the first time.