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Instructionally Embedded

2021-22 Testing Windows
Fall Phase 1 - 9/13/21-10/29/21
Fall Phase 2 - 11/1/21-12/17/21
Spring Phase 1 - 2/7/22-3/25/22
Spring Phase 2 - 3/28/22-5/20/22

Testing Subjects
English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science

Jennifer Denne, Assessment
Tiffiny Poage, Special Education

Iowa Department of Education

There is not a process for remote administration for the DLM assessment. Administration is to only take place in person.


Resource Category
Content Area

Talking to Parents about DLM Score Reports for Instructionally Embedded Model States (pdf) 02/03/2022
formerly called the Teacher Interpretive Guide, this document helps teachers when talking to parents about DLM student reports

Technology Specifications Manual (pdf) ADA Compliant 07/15/2021
supports technology personnel in preparing schools for the technology needs of the DLM assessment

TEC (Test, Exit, Clear) Upload Template (csv)
template used to batch remove students from Educator Portal

Test Administration Manual (pdf) ADA Compliant 07/26/2021
supports Test Administrators in preparing themselves and students for the DLM assessment

User Upload Template (csv) — The 2022-2023 template will be available 07/29/2022
template used to upload multiple users into Educator Portal

Required Test Administrator Training

Training for teachers participating in 2021-22 DLM testing will become available according to your state's scheduled training date. The Guide to DLM Required Test Administrator Training (pdf) is a great place to start, with information about accessing the training website for the first time.