Reminder: Avoiding Locked iPads During Testing

Before launching Kite® Student Portal, please ensure that the iPad has an established internet connection. A restart of the iPad and the quit password may be required if the application opens without a connection to the internet. 

Students who take the Dynamic Learning Maps® (DLM®) alternate assessment on an iPad should close the Kite Student Portal app once the testing session is complete. To close the app, tap the Close Kite button at the top of the home screen or select the Sign Out button. If you select the Sign Out button, then tap the Close Kite button on the login page. Tap Quit in the pop-up window that appears. 

Once you tap Quit, the iPad is no longer in a secure-locked mode. A pop-up will appear indicating the exam is finished. Close the app by tapping the Home button or swiping up on the screen. 

It is important to close the app using the Close Kite button or Sign Out button to prevent the app from locking up and requiring a hard reset of the iPad. If the app is locked, test administrators will need to contact the DLM Service Desk to complete a hard reset. 

Please share this message with your colleagues and show them how to subscribe to DLM Test Updates (from this page). Thank you.

March 14, 2024