Locating a Student’s Username and Password, Testlet Information Page, and Number of Testlets Administered to Each Student

For all Year-End model states, and any Instructionally Embedded model states assessing science in the spring window

A test administrator can access the student’s username and password, the Testlet Information Page (TIP), and review the number of testlets that have been administered. After logging in to Kite® Educator Portal, do the following:

  1. Select Manage Tests.
  2. Select Test Management.
  3. Select Search. The list of testlets available for each student will display.
  4. Select the icon in the Tickets column to open the student’s Test Ticket. The Test Ticket includes their username and password.
  5. Select the icon in the Test Information column to open the TIP.
  6. Review the Test Progress column for the number of testlets administered in each subject for each student.
  7. Open Kite Student Portal. Either the student enters their username and password, or the test administrator enters the information for them.
  8. Begin test administration.
    The Test Ticket and TIP can be printed. However, they are secure documents and must be securely destroyed after the student’s testing is complete.

NOTE: The below student and testing information is fictitious for the purposes of this screenshot.

Screenshot showing the steps listed to access a student's Test Ticket, Testlet Information Page, and Test Progress

March 31, 2022