The Dynamic Learning Maps® consortium has defined the following roles for participants in administering assessments. Select a role below to narrow the list of resources.

• Test Administrator (teacher or other qualified examiner)
• Assessment Coordinator (supports assessment implementation; supports test administrators)
• Data Manager (manages student and enrollment data, Educator Portal user accounts)
• Technology Representative (manages DLM technology requirements for a school or district)

Accessibility Manual (pdf)
provides guidance on the selection and use of accessibility features. Updated 08/01/16

Assessment Coordinator Manual (pdf)
supports Assessment Coordinators in preparing district and school staff for testing. Updated 08/01/16
*check below to see if your state offers an appendix to this manual

Blueprint ELA YE (pdf)
pool of available Essential Elements (EEs) in English Language Arts

pool of available Essential Elements (EEs) for Mathematics

supports data managers with managing user, student, and roster data in Educator Portal.
*check below to see if your state offers an appendix to this manua New 08/12/16

helpful links for parents who want to learn more about the DLM system

provides guidance and support for users navigating Educator Portal. New 08/12/16

Key webpage with resources, job aids, and videos to support Test Administrators

DLM webpage with important information for administering science assessments

Facilitator Guide to DLM Required Test Administrator Training (pdf)
supports facilitators in accessing DLM required test administration training and support resources. Updated 08/04/16

helps users access DLM required test administration training. Updated 08/04/16

DLM webpage with links to KITE client downloads, plus information on troubleshooting, bandwidth, and more

a resource to help manage student enrollment for special scenarios 

helps parents better understand Score Reports

Notification letter for districts testing in mathematics, English language arts, and science Updated 07/28/2016

Carta de notificación para los distritos examinándose en Matemáticas, Artes del Idioma Inglés , y Ciencia Updated 07/28/2016

helps teachers talk to parents about the DLM Score Reports

supports technology personnel in preparing schools for the technology needs of the DLM assessment.  New 08/01/16

Test Administration Manual (pdf)
supports Test Administrators in preparing themselves and students for the DLM assessment.Updated 08/01/16
*check below to see if your state offers an appendix to this manual

DLM webpage with breaking news on test administration activities. Subscribe today!

add users to Educator Portal. 

this is a guidance document for districts to use to help roster their students in Educator Portal

school and district guide to DLM results for school year 2014–15

names and numbers of schools and districts in Illinois.