Year-End Spring Assessment Window - Preparation and Opening

The Dynamic Learning Maps® (DLM®) 2020 Year-End spring assessment window is set to open on March 9, 2020. Check your state’s webpage of the DLM website for state-specific window dates.

Consider reviewing the Checklists for Test Administrators section of the Test Administration Manual. This helpful tool details the critical steps for test administrators to follow. The Test Administration Manual for Year-End model states is available under the Manuals and Blueprints dropdown on your state’s webpage of the DLM website.

Preparation for Testing

In preparation for the opening of the DLM 2020 spring assessment window, updated Materials Collections Lists have been posted. These lists are located on the Educator Resource Pages for Year-End model states. Go to your state’s webpage of the DLM website and select the Educator Resource Pages, for the desired subject, under the Resources for Educators and District Staff dropdown. These are lists of materials by subject and grade, including materials to use with alternate test forms for students with visual impairments. The lists contain materials commonly needed in testlets and materials that may be substituted unless the Testlet Information Page (TIP) specifically states that no substitutions are allowed. This gives test administrators more opportunity to prepare for the assessment before the assessment window opens.

A Writing Testlet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document is also available on the Educator Resource Page. Navigate to the Educator Resource Page for English Language Arts and Mathematics and select the Writing tab. The DLM writing testlets assess a student’s ability to communicate using writing and the precursor skills that lead to writing. The FAQ document details how writing testlets are assessed in DLM testlets as well as how to prepare to administer a writing testlet as a test administrator.

Friday, February 28, 2020