Why Don’t I See Testlets?

Are you ready to administer the assessment but see that your student isn’t being assigned testlets? When test administrators report that they are not able to administer testlets, please check to be sure that all tasks below have been completed:

  • The test administrator must complete the required training in Moodle and pass the quizzes at 80% or higher.
  • The Security Agreement in Educator Portal for 2016-17 must read, agreed to, and signed.
  • The First Contact survey must be completed and submitted.
  • Test administrators must have the Teacher role in Educator Portal as well as an educator identifier associated with their account.
  • Students must be rostered to the test administrator in each applicable content area. Content areas include ELA, M, SCI, and SS. If a student is rostered to a course instead of the content area, they will not be assigned testlets.

Please see the section in the Test Administration Manual titled “Before Beginning Assessments” for more details. If you have completed all associated tasks above and a student is still not receiving testlets, please contact your Assessment Coordinator.

Thursday, March 16, 2017