Updated Manuals, Resources, and Training for 2017-18 Available on DLM Website

As the new school year begins, important testing-related information and updated resources are being published on your state’s DLM® webpage. We encourage everyone to visit www.dynamiclearningmaps.org, navigate to the States dropdown in the blue ribbon, and bookmark your state’s webpage.


All DLM manuals have been updated for the 2017-18 school year and are available on your state’s DLM webpage. These resources are valuable in helping educators prepare for DLM assessments. In the first few pages of each manual, a “What’s New in this Version?” section provides an overview of topics that have been added and/or enhanced in the updated version.


A number of other helpful resources have also been updated for this year. An updated Guide to Practice Activities and Released Testlets can be found under the Manuals and Blueprints dropdown on your state’s webpage. You will also find an updated Guide to DLM Required Test Administrator Training document to help you prepare for required test administrator training in Moodle in 2017-18.

District Training

Refreshed district training resources will be available in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout for updated Assessment Coordinator, Data Management, and Technology Specifications training on the District Staff Training Resources page. A link to this page can be found under the Videos, Training, and Educator Resources dropdown on your state’s webpage. After you complete the training, you may sign up for an optional Q&A session this fall.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017