Technology Updates for KITE Client Running macOS 10.13.0

This test update applies to KITE® Client devices running macOS 10.13.0. If your testing devices use any other operating system, please disregard this message.

Shortly after the release of KITE Client 5.0, Apple updated their operating system making it necessary for KITE Client users to complete a manual update.

  • For users who have KITE Client installed and have upgraded to macOS 10.13.0, uninstall and reinstall KITE Client using these Mac instructions and the installer available on the KITE Suite webpage.
  • At this time, Apple is working to correct a display issue, also unique to the macOS 10.13.0 system. A workaround is included in the Mac instructions.  

Devices that are not updated will not be able to run KITE Client. No other operating systems are affected. Educator Portal is not affected.

We apologize for the need to do an uninstall and reinstall of KITE Client to provide the necessary changes in KITE Client to address the update to macOS 10.13.0. and the use of a workaround to correct display issues until Apple deploys a fix.

Please share this test update with technology personnel and anyone using the macOS 10.13.0 operating system and KITE Client.

Monday, October 2, 2017