Student Experience During Field Testing

Field test testlets are assigned to some students after they have completed spring operational testlets in each subject. The field test testlet may be harder or easier than the last operational testlet the student completed for the Essential Element. If the field test testlet is too hard for the student, the student or test administrator may leave a response unanswered or choose an option indicating the student did not respond (if available), and then submit the testlet.

Student responses on field test testlets will not be scored for accountability purposes, will not be shared with students, teachers, or districts, and will not appear in the results files sent to the state. There is no penalty to students or teachers for participating or not participating in the field test.

Ongoing field-testing is one way of improving and expanding assessments that are available for future years. Please administer field test testlets the same way as you would an operational assessment.


Best Regards,
DLM Staff

Friday, March 22, 2019