Reminder to Complete Security Agreement in Educator Portal

As a reminder, the security agreement in Kite® Educator Portal expires in August each year and must be renewed before administering testlets. These terms are an important part of maintaining the integrity of testlet administration and safeguarding secure assessment materials.

Users who have already read the security agreement and agreed to the terms are not required to take any further action.

For users signing on to Educator Portal for the first time, the security agreement will appear automatically. Users must read and agree to the security agreement before proceeding. Please note that the answer option defaults on the Do Not Agree option.

If users have already signed in to Educator Portal and did not sign and agree to the security agreement, it may be accessed at any time by navigating to My Profile and selecting the Security Agreement tab.

Users with the role of Teacher must agree to and sign the security agreement before they can perform any of the functions associated with assessment administration.

For additional information, please consult the section Manage User Account of the Educator Portal User Guide found under the Manuals and Blueprints tab on your state’s webpage.

Best Regards,
DLM Staff

Thursday, October 3, 2019