Ensure Accuracy in Data Uploads with Simple Apostrophe

CSV file formatting can be difficult as leading zeroes have a tendency to drop out of cells after a file is saved and closed. Users may retain leading zeroes by adding an apostrophe at the beginning of numeric codes such as those for a student’s district or school. For example, the code 001234 would be entered into a CSV file as ‘001234.

It is not always necessary to use an apostrophe to retain leading zeroes. For example, alphanumeric codes do not require an apostrophe to retain leading zeroes. An apostrophe is also not needed before dates because DLM upload templates are set to retain MM/DD/YYYY formatting for all dates.

For more information about CSV uploads, see the Data Management Manual. The manual is available on your state’s page on the DLM website.

Friday, February 10, 2017