Changes to Kite Client and Educator Portal

Educator Portal and Kite® Client will receive several updates during the first week of August 2018. The updates include a new look and feel along with other significant changes that are shown in the table below.


Educator Portal

Kite Client

New name


Kite Student Portal

New logo/icon

New access method

Uninstall Kite Client, then download Student Portal using the instructions at:


Please note, KITE Client has been renamed Kite Student Portal. However, the functionality has not changed. Users must uninstall KITE Client and download Kite Student Portal prior to beginning testing. To download Student Portal, use the instructions found on the Kite Suite requirements page on the DLM website.

Please update any bookmarks to Educator Portal with the new URL as soon as possible. Users who attempt to access Educator Portal or Student Portal via last year’s access methods will be redirected to instructions for accessing the new versions.

Thursday, August 2, 2018