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Essential Elements & Learning Map Resources
Assessment Administration Resources

Essential Elements & Learning Map Resources

Learning Map Resources

Guide to the Foundational Area of the Learning Map (pdf)
Foundational Maps, All Grades (pdf)

Essential Elements Selection Records

Teachers may use these progress-monitoring documents to record the Essential Elements chosen for instruction for a student. These documents use the Integrated Model blueprint as a foundation. EEs are organized by grade and conceptual area.

›  Math Selection Records (docx)

›  ELA Selection Records (docx)

Tested Essential Elements

Currently tested Essential Elements for ELA
Currently tested Essential Elements for Math
Lists of PDFs for each Essential Element available for assessment. These PDFs provide the nodes at each linkage level and a mini-map that shows the pathways between the nodes.
Complete list of Essential Elements for ELA (pdf)
Complete list of Essential Elements for Math (pdf)
PDFs containing comprehensive lists of all Essential Elements currently part of the Dynamic Learning Maps® learning map model
Professional Development Modules Supporting Essential Elements (xlsx)
These tables (one tab each for Math and ELA) cross-reference specific professional development modules to Essential Elements. This gives teachers the ability to further enhance instruction on specific Essential Elements.

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Math Glossary (pdf)
Summarizes the terms used in mathematics assessments

English Language Arts

DLM Familiar Texts Used in Integrated Model Testlets
Webpage with links to familiar texts used in assessments. Texts may be downloaded and used in instruction
Writing Testlet Video 
A video walkthrough of DLM writing testlets

Assessment Administration Resources

Guide to Practice Activities and Released Testlets (pdf)
About Testlet Information Pages (pdf) 
        An overview of TIPs

Sample Testlet Information Pages
Samples show information and format of TIPs

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