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Welcome to the new school year! The Instructional Tools Interface in Educator Portal has been replaced with the Instruction and Assessment Planner.  Using the Instruction and Assessment Planner, teachers will now make Essential Element and linkage level selections for student instruction and assessment in BOTH the fall and spring assessment windows. The fall window runs from mid-September to mid-December and the spring window runs from early February to mid-May. Blueprint coverage should be met in both the fall and spring windows. A student’s summative score will continue to be based on performance in both the fall and spring windows as in previous years.

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Released Testlets and Sample Testlet Information Pages

Linkage Level Released Testlet
Initial Precursor Math.6.NS.5-8.IP
Distal Precursor Math.7.G.5.DP
Proximal Precursor Math.5.G.1-4.PP
Target Math.N-CN.2.b.T
Successor Math.8.G.9.S
Sample Testlet Information Pages

About Testlet Information Pages (pdf)
an overview of TIPs