Released Testlets

Released testlets provide examples of what testlets students might face during DLM assessments are like. They feature the same rigor, design, and quality of real DLM testlets. The released testlet documents show what appears on-screen when students are taking a testlet.

How to Read Testlet Names

Testlets are identified by their subject, Essential Element, and linkage level.


 Essential Element
 Linkage level

More on DLM Testlets

DLM Testlets assess a variety of Essential Elements and linkage levels, in English language arts and mathematics, from grade 3 through high school. Some testlets are administered by teachers or other qualified test administrators, who use instructions on the screen to guide the student through the test. Other testlets are taken by the student directly on the computer.

Teacher-administered testlets

In this type of testlet, teachers read and follow onscreen instructions. Teachers enter students’ responses to activities and any exchanges that occur outside the system on the students’ behalf.

Teacher-administered testlets are used when the knowledge and skills being tested are difficult to assess on the computer (such as writing testlets), or when the student has presymbolic communication and cannot interact directly with the computer.

Computer-delivered testlets

In this type of testlet, students navigate through the testlet on their own. Students may move through the testlet using a mouse, tab key and enter key on a keyboard, or with switches. If the student can engage with the content but cannot move through screens or enter their own answers, the teacher may move through the screens and record the student’s answers on their behalf.

Computer-delivered testlets are used when the knowledge and skills being tested can be assessed directly by computer and the student is capable of interacting with the system directly and selecting their own answer, using assistive devices or other supports as needed.

Common test features

  • Educator directions – Instructions to help the test administrator deliver testlets to students. Only found in teacher-administered testlets.
  • Next/back buttons – For navigation forward and backward through a testlet before submitting answers.
  • Exit Does Not Save button – Stops the testlet without saving answers. The student will start at the beginning of that testlet when logging back in.
  • Review screen – For reviewing answers and making changes before ending the testlet.