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DLM® Professional Development

A key piece of any successful testing system is professional development. Teachers and IEP teams need to understand the new tests and how to use them. DLM will provide training to teachers and IEP teams on important topics, including:

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  • How to select students for the assessment
  • How to select tasks for students
  • How to understand and use learning maps

The professional development program will be designed to be easy for teachers to use. It will include a variety of delivery options, listed below, to allow teachers to fit training into their already busy schedules.

This program will include:

  • Paper and online training materials
  • Computer-based instruction located within the new system
  • Training materials accessible on mobile devices (such as MP3 players and smartphones)

For more information about the professional development program, please see the DLM Grant Narrative.

Exemplar Text Supports

The collection of easy-to-read books listed at this link were created to provide students with significant cognitive disabilities with access to the content of the Exemplar Texts listed in Appendix B of the Common Core State Standards at a complexity level that will help them develop reading skills. The open-source, accessible texts were created in Tar Heel Reader ( and are organized by grade level and the title of the Exemplar texts.

Exemplar Text Supports - Professional Development

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